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Our Story

Cumberland Brewing Company was created with the desire to share a beer in a place that would be inclusive an inviting to all in our community. We believed if we made a space where we wanted to share a beer, others would also enjoy it. Good ideas start here, bad ideas end here, and everything in-between. Our mandate has always been to make good beer, good food, and a welcoming space for our guests. This in turn creates good jobs in our little Village, and a tight circular economy that is also sustainable.

In October 2011 Michael and Caroline Tymchuk started Riders Pizza, and it slowly built to become a foothold in the community. When the brewery was built in 2014, the pizza shop grew too fast for the space they were in and moved across the street to a new location. On Feb 2, 2016 CBC created its own kitchen, and it continues to create interesting and quality-made food.

Michael’s career in Food and Beverage started early in his life. First efforts were in the kitchen, but 2 years into working at Canada’s first “in-house” brew-pub (Spinnakers, Victoria), he was asked if he had any interest in learning to brew. In the following 30+ years Michael has brewed, taught brewers, assembled new systems all over the world, and started a family. After many successful endeavours in the industry Mike and Caroline started Riders Pizza in Cumberland. Opening a brewery was always on their mind- they were just waiting for the right people to come along.

Darren Adam and Michelle Forslund came to Riders Pizza early in 2013 and met the Tymchuks as they ordered and ate their pizza. When Darren heard of Michaels experience and history, he hatched a plan to convince his new friends to partner in a Brewery for Cumberland. It took a little longer than planned for Darren to sell himself to the Tymchuks, but in the end, he was able to (con)vince them.

The business model at CBC is described as a “Community Brewery”. All decisions and ideas are proposed based on the concept that it contributes positively to the community. No distribution outside of Cumberland, and no bottling or canning. We believe that beer tastes best right at any brewery, and that is why we say “If you want our beer, come here”.

We want to acknowledge the amazing support that we have always received from our “Peers in Beer”. Every brewery that we have ever contacted with questions or issues have always been helpful and supportive. We are happy to do the same. The craft beer industry is full of talented community-minded people and we feel so lucky to be a part of it.

If you have experienced our brewery, thank you for coming. If you have not, you really do owe it to yourself. We look forward to seeing you soon.